Our Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Seal Innovations to protect the environment for the health, safety and quality of life of our communities, our employees, our customers and the public.
We have a long and strong tradition of concern for the environment and for being a good neighbour in the communities where we have branch operations.
As part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen, it is our goal to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner. This is both our ethical commitment and good business practice. 

In pursuit of this goal, our efforts emphasise the following objectives:

- Complying with all applicable laws, regulations and company policies relating to environmental protection. This is the baseline of performance for all Seal Innovations branch operations and employees. 
- Preventing pollution at its source by minimising emissions, effluents, and waste in the design, operation and maintenance of our facilities. 
- Continually improving by reducing, and where feasible, eliminating negative environmental impacts associated with our operations and products. We further consider it our responsibility to identify to our customers the opportunities that product specification upgrades can provide in areas such as power consumption reduction and CO2 emissions. 
- Increasing the general awareness of environmental requirements among employees to facilitate an understanding of the environmental implications of their day-to-day responsibilities. 

In striving to achieve these objectives, we engage in a rigorous planning process, and work with external partners such as our major suppliers, contractors and customers. We regularly review our progress in meeting these objectives. 

This policy is applicable to all operations of Seal Innovations. Achieving the policy’s objectives is a primary management priority and the responsibility of every Seal Innovations employee. The cornerstone of our policy is continuous improvement for the benefit of the environment, our communities and our business.