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HBY Technical Information

Seal Innovations HBY is a two piece single acting buffer seal which consists of one special designed elastomeric sealing element for to evacuate the back pressure and one thermoplastic back-up ring.

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Seals 101 Training - Chapter 1 Oil Seal Introduction

The main function of a seal is to prevent the fluid (e.g lubricant or air) from leaking from the shaft and housing. It can also prevent.....

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Aluminium Smelting

Seal Innovations' Engineers have worked in partnership to help address the challenges presented in processing aluminum.

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Seals 101 Training - Chapter 2 Sealing Theory

Interference between seal O.D. and housing will generate press-fit which can prevent......

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FOOD AND BEVERAGE – Food Processing Equipment

Seal Innovation’s production facility and manufacturing processes are designed to meet the high quality standards demanded within the Food processing Industries.

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Seal Innovations technical staff have many years of experience in providing both standard and customised sealing components for use within mining equipment applications.

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Rail infrastructure is an important national asset, heavy materials handling using Rail transportation methods are energy efficient and the safest way to move high volume materials across long haul distances.

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Automotive Seals - Type 4 Shock Absorber Seal

Automotive Seals - Type H by Seal Innovations Special design of reversed metal OD direction, suitable for special installation Allows installation from both sides Temperature range is dependent on the material

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Automotive Seals - Type RO

Special design of flanged OD allows easy installation and replacement

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Automotive Seals - Type X

Special design of a reversed secondary lip for dust exclusion Temperature range is dependent on the material

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Automotive Seals - Type BC/BG

Special design of half-covered rubber OD with both the benefits of Type B, Type C, or Type G

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Automotive Seals - Type O

O.D. sealing lip with the same design characteristics as standard radial lip seal Temperature range is dependent on the material

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